What are your fees?

Each one-hour office visit or Skype consultation charge is $150.00.

What are your office hours?

I work Mondays and Wednesdays from 11am to 5pm (1st/last appointments) and Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays from 11am to 4pm.

What should I wear for each appointment?

For men, regular underwear or shorts is sufficient. For women, regular underwear, shorts, and a back-hook bra (no tight undershirts or sports bras, please) is ok.

Does trigger point therapy hurt?

Since most patients’ muscles are already hurting, you can expect the therapy to be mildly painful at first, but the goal and immediate result of the therapy is to get the muscle to STOP hurting.

Is there available parking?

There is 2-hour non-metered street parking all around the block. Please be mindful of the street cleaning hours, though! For directions, click, HERE.

Do I need a prescription to get trigger point therapy?

It is not required to have a prescription specifically for therapy, but it is important to have seen a physician for your problem and to get clearance for therapy first.

Will insurance cover trigger point therapy?

We accept prescriptions for Worker’s Compensation. We do not bill regular medical insurance directly, but we can submit an invoice with appropriate codes for therapy to you to submit for reimbursement. Most Health Savings Account plans will accept trigger point therapy.