Description of a Session

For your first appointment, please read the patient information sheet. Kate will need to schedule you for 60 minutes in order to have adequate time to review the following forms and documentation:

Online Forms

Documentation to Bring

  • Relevant reports on your injury from previous doctors, texts, therapy, etc. that will be useful to your medical history review.
  • Copies of x-rays, MRI’s or other scans or reports.
  • Prescription information (Worker’s Compensation patients ONLY)

Please wear comfortable underclothes or shorts. No sports bras, please.

Subsequent therapy appointments will 60 minutes unless otherwise agreed upon. At least 45 minutes of each session will be devoted to bodywork with the remaining time used for teaching you self-care techniques.

If you have had an appointment with Kate Simmons before, you can call her directly to schedule an appointment: (415) 533-7598